What Made the Edmonton Grads so Successful?

by Watson Factius

In 1923, the Edmonton Grads women’s basketball team was founded. Over the next decade, they would go on to win 95 consecutive games and four consecutive Intercollegiate Championships.

What made the Edmonton Grads so successful?

Some say it was their intense training regimen, others point to the fact that they played together for so long.

There are a few key factors. First, the team was incredibly disciplined. They practiced for hours every day and maintained a strict diet and training regimen.

Second, they had great team chemistry. The players were all friends off the court and worked well together on the court.

Lastly, they were coached by a brilliant tactician, Anna Hall. Hall was able to make the most of her team’s strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Thanks to these factors, the Edmonton Grads enjoyed unparalleled success in the world of women’s basketball.

And in the end, whatever it was, their story is an impressive one!

Watson Factius

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