Stranger Things Superfan Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions

by Jenna Questly

Here’s a Stranger Things trivia quiz to test fans’ knowledge:


  1. In which fictional town is Stranger Things set?
  2. Who goes missing in the first episode of season 1?
  3. What name is given to the parallel universe inhabited by the Demogorgon?
  4. Which arcade game is high-scored by a mysterious player named MADMAX?
  5. What is Eleven’s favorite food?
  6. Who is the sheriff of Hawkins?
  7. What’s the name of the secret government lab in Hawkins?
  8. Which character has a sister named Erica?
  9. Who is dubbed “the Zoomer” in season 2?
  10. Who works at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor?
  11. Which character is possessed by the Mind Flayer in season 2?
  12. What do the boys name the creature from the dump in season 2?
  13. What song do Dustin and Suzie sing together?
  14. Who gives Eleven her name?
  15. Which character is a journalist and conspiracy theorist?
  16. Which character gets trapped in the Upside Down in season 1?
  17. What does Hopper find in his shed that leads him to believe something supernatural is happening?
  18. What gift does Eleven shoplift from the supermarket in season 1?
  19. Which Dungeons & Dragons creature do the boys equate the monster to in season 1?
  20. What’s the name of the annual fair in Hawkins?
  21. Who is known for the catchphrase, “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation”?
  22. Where do Joyce and Hopper find the entrance to the Upside Down in season 1?
  23. What is the name of the club the main boys belong to?
  24. Who gets a makeover in season 3 and is told, “You can’t spell America without Erica”?
  25. Who sacrifices themselves to save Hawkins at the end of season 3?


  1. Hawkins, Indiana
  2. Will Byers
  3. The Upside Down
  4. Dig Dug
  5. Eggo waffles
  6. Jim Hopper
  7. Hawkins National Laboratory
  8. Lucas
  9. Max
  10. Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley
  11. Will Byers
  12. D’Artagnan (Dart for short)
  13. “The NeverEnding Story”
  14. Dr. Martin Brenner (Papa)
  15. Murray Bauman
  16. Will Byers
  17. A torn piece of hospital gown with a small tentacle attached
  18. Eggo waffles
  19. Demogorgon
  20. Hawkins Fun Fair
  21. Sheriff Jim Hopper
  22. Hawkins National Laboratory
  23. The Party
  24. Erica Sinclair
  25. Billy Hargrove

Feel free to use these questions to test any Stranger Things superfan’s knowledge!

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Jenna Questly

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