What is a Zine?

by Watson Factius

A zine is a small, usually handmade magazine or booklet. Zines are created by individuals or small groups and typically have a DIY (do-it-yourself) aesthetic. They can be about any topic, but are often niche-oriented and used as a platform for marginalized voices.

Zines have been around for decades and were particularly popular in the punk and underground scenes of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, there is a growing online zine culture, with many zinesters using social media and print-on-demand services to make and distribute their work.

How are zines and magazines different?

What separates zines from traditional magazines is their independent, grassroots nature. Zines are typically produced outside of the mainstream publishing world and without much financial backing. This allows for a great deal of creative freedom, as well as a more personal connection between creators and readers.

While zines can be about anything, they often focus on niche topics that are not commonly covered by the mainstream media. This can include DIY culture, independent music, politics, art, and more. Zines are a great way to learn about new and different perspectives, and to find information that is not easily accessible elsewhere.

Watson Factius

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