What is a Good MCAT Score?

by Watson Factius

There’s no simple answer to the question of what a good MCAT score is. Different medical schools have different standards for what they deem to be an acceptable score.

In general, however, it is safe to say that a score in the lower half (under 506 as of 2022) of the MCAT range is likely to be viewed unfavorably by most schools. A score in the upper half of the range, on the other hand, is generally seen as being more competitive.

As a general rule, a good MCAT score is one that puts you in the running for admission to the medical school of your choice. Most schools would consider a score of 515 or greater to be excellent, and anything higher would almost guarantee you a spot in most schools.

The best way to determine what score you need to achieve this goal is to consult with the admissions offices of the schools you are interested in attending. They will be able to give you a more specific idea of what score you need to be competitive.

Watson Factius

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