How many pounds is a ton?

by Jenna Questly

In the system of measurement primarily used in the United States, known as the avoirdupois system, one ton (also known as a short ton) is equivalent to 2,000 pounds. This is different from the metric system, where a metric ton (also known as a tonne) is equivalent to 2,204.62 pounds.

Therefore, the conversion factor from tons to pounds will depend on which type of ton you’re referring to:

  • If you’re converting short tons (US) to pounds, use the factor of 2,000.
  • If you’re converting metric tons (tonnes) to pounds, use the factor of 2,204.62.

This difference stems from the diverse systems of measurements utilized across the world. The United States customary system uses the short ton, while the metric system, which is more commonly used globally, uses the metric ton or tonne.

How many pounds is in a ton?

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