The 4 Essential UX Documents Every Designer Needs

by Bentley Knowggin

Designers need to be able to understand and communicate with users in order to create a satisfying user experience. In order to do this, they need to have a variety of essential documents at their disposal. These documents can help designers understand user needs, design effective interfaces, and track the success of their designs.

The first document every designer should familiarize themselves with is the user persona. This document describes the ideal user of a product or service, and can help designers better understand how users think and what they want from a product. By understanding who their target users are, designers can create designs that appeal to them specifically.

Another important document for designers is the sitemap. This diagram shows the various pages and sections of a website and how they are connected. It can help designers plan out the layout of their website and ensure that all necessary pages are included.

  1. Competitive Analysis Report
  2. Research Report
  3. Experience Map
  4. User Journey
  5. User Flow

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