Color of The Year is Living Coral, Examples of Use

by Bentley Knowggin

Living coral, Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, is a versatile hue that can be used in a range of ways. Here are some examples of how to use living coral in your home and wardrobe:

In your home:

– Paint one wall in a living coral hue to create a focal point in a room.

– Add accessories in living coral shades to brighten up a space.

– Use bedding, curtains, or throws in living coral tones to add a pop of color.

In your wardrobe:

– Wear clothes in light shades of living coral to brighten up your look.

– Combine different shades of living coral to create an eye-catching outfit.

Living coral is the perfect color for adding some brightness and cheerfulness to any space.

Coral is the color of the year, according to Pantone. The company chose the color because it is reminiscent of the coral reef, an important ecosystem that’s in danger of disappearing.

“In living coral we see all the colors that exist on the spectrum, from pink to orange to yellow,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute. “It’s an animating and life-affirming hue that we can all use to create upbeat looks and spaces in our homes and workplaces.”

Pantone has released a list of ideas for how to use living coral in your everyday life. Some suggestions include adding pops of coral to your outfit or using it as an accent color in your home. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could try painting a room in living coral or wearing a bold lip color in the shade.

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