Best Free Tools for Adding Dynamic Animations to UI

by Bentley Knowggin

Adding animations to your user interface can really make it stand out and feel more dynamic. While you could do this with coding, there are a number of free tools that make the process much easier. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ones.

One popular tool is Adobe After Effects. This software is used by professional animators and can be quite complicated to use, but it offers a lot of flexibility and power. If you’re looking for something simpler, there are a number of online tools that can be helpful. Animatori is a web-based app that lets you create simple animations with no coding required. And for more complex animations, Principle is an excellent option. It’s not free, but it’s worth the price if you need to create high-quality animations.

Of course, paid options are going to give you the most features, but here are a few free tools for making dynamic animations for your UI.

Free tools for UI Animation

  1. Canva
  2. Animaker
  3. Blender
  4. OpenToonz
  5. Pencil2D Animation

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