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Chris Cardell

Go away LiquidWeb!

You may not have heard of it (you will of experienced it), but there is a type of online advertising called behavioural retargeting. If you visit a website and don’t make a purchase, you’ll then see ads from that site on other websites. This is exactly what LiquidWeb has done. But they don’t just display […]

Domain addiction… stay focused

Website ideas are fun, imagining up a concept and design, then thinking about how it should work is a wonderfully immersive way to spend your time. Everything is safely locked away within your head. The next thing your brain throws into the mix, is a name. The name will be eggflow… therefore I shall buy […]

Another reason to avoid GoDaddy

GoDaddy, one of the largest providers of domains and web hosting on the web saw a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS attack) causing thousands of websites hosted with GoDaddy to fall off the web for a period of time this morning (14th January 2009). Bob Walsh of CNET reported that Nick Fuller, communications manager, […]

CloakHost Web Hosting Review

CloakHost is a one-man band. The force behind it is Agnivo Roy who also runs a number of other small projects. The design of the site is a little unfinished and inconsistent. The client area, which is used once you’ve paid for a package is simply an unedited WHMCS. However, none of this really matters […]

LunarPages Web Hosting Review

LunarPages is one of the big names in web hosting. Apart from their support, LunarPages is an extremely average web hosting company. We consider their package options, server speeds and prices run of the mill. LunarPages terms don’t leave a lot of wiggle room either, this was demonstrated when we hosted a fairly high traffic […]

A look at web hosting companies

DoesWhat currently maintains two blogs external to the tech news front-page which are ‘Tutorial What’ and ‘YouTubeing’. As of today we’ll be offering ‘Hosting Review’. Over the past couple of years we have tried and tested web hosting companies big and small, cheap and expensive and we would like to share our experiences here at […]

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy is an interesting web host, they’re essentially a domain registrar; their hosting services are simply an add-on service. One thing is for sure, if the front-end of the hosting company isn’t fast then that’s a fairly good indication on what their purchasable web hosting will be like. The DoesWhat domain is registered at GoDaddy […]