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Chris Cardell

In Stephen Fry we trust… Twitter

The mention of Twitter during the ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” show brought with it another round of ‘mainstream tipping point’ discussions specifically related to Twitter in the UK. Host and comedian Jonathan Ross who returned to the BBC, having been suspended for 3 months discussed Twitter with guest comedian Stephen Fry, both of whom […]

Sponsored Video: .UK domain – A Great Place to Be

“A Great Place To Be” is a new website that summarises the benefits of owning a .UK domain for your business or personal website. The videos below present…

Worried about a tech bubble?

Yesterday Michael Arrington wrote a great article about the current tech bubble/blubble, below is how he summarised the difference between this bubble and the dot-com bubble of the early 90s.
“2000 Bubble: Raise at …

Cloud storm, EC2 startup takedown

I couldn’t get on anyone’s page earlier today, so I checked their compeititor, they were also down, seemed like a strange coincidence. I did a bit of Twitter snooping and it appeared that Amazon’s EC2 hosting service, specifically their Elastic Compute Cloud and Relational Database Service in Northern Virginia were having issues. You […]

First week of interviews

It’s been a really exciting week hunting down the founders behind a handful of interesting online projects. They’ve provided some really great responses, insights and backgrounds. I wanted to put together a few of my favourite responses, full interview links are provided. Thanks again to everyone involved! You can keep up to date with future […]

Any press is good press: GoDaddy

During March, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons went on safari in Africa where he shot an elephant and recorded the expedition as a promotional video for GoDaddy. Since Parsons posted the video, it has received an incredible amount of bad press. The video is a strange-mix, the closing third of the video is backed by AC/DC’s […]

Demand for iPad 2 is ‘amazing’

The iPad 2 went on sale Friday afternoon in the US. According to Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller who spoke to The Loop, “Demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been …

Go away LiquidWeb!

You may not have heard of it (you will of experienced it), but there is a type of online advertising called behavioural retargeting. If you visit a website and don’t make a purchase, you’ll then see ads from that site on other websites. This is exactly what LiquidWeb has done. But they don’t just display […]

iPad 2 available mid-March

Steve Jobs is currently unveiling the iPad 2. I won’t go into detail for now. Due to being based in the UK, we won’t be able to get our hands on it until March 25th (available in US March 11th). There doesn’t seem to be anything too shocking about this release, unless you’re shocked by […]

9 Android apps worth your time

When it comes to Apps (particularly iPhone apps), you can spend a hell of a lot of time downloading and playing with them, pretty much wasting your time. I try and avoid app overload, here are 9 apps that I would recommend. Pulse Pulse is now the only way I check news (mainly tech news), […]