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Chris Cardell

Demand for iPad 2 is ‘amazing’

The iPad 2 went on sale Friday afternoon in the US. According to Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller who spoke to The Loop, “Demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been …

Quick look: Early 2011 MacBook Pro

I reviewed the mid-2009 MacBook Pro nearly 2 years ago. Yesterday Apple released a press release, updating the entire MacBook Pro lineup. I’d heard news of an update earlier this week and …

Hands-on MacBook Pro 13-inch June 09

MacBook Pro 13-inchResolution. Possibly a little low? 1280×800 has been standard on 13” widescreen laptops for as long as I can remember. The 8” widescreen Sony Vaio P-series laptop has a resolution of 1600×768. Now this resolution is blatantly ridiculous, but with that said, the MacBook Pro has an extra…

Mighty Mouse… ain’t so mighty

Somewhat conveniently, our Wireless Mighty Mouse died just as soon as the one-year warranty came to its end. After spending a few hours trying to get the mouse to connect, we gave up. Confusingly the mouse could be found by Bluetooth but is unable to connect. The mouse is probably the worst piece of Apple […]

Configuring the somewhat unpleasant Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple’s Mighty Mouse is considered by many as the worst Apple product ever made. It has to be said, it is not a great mouse. It feels cheap and plasticy, the mouse buttons take some time to get used to and the default sensitivity is impossible to get used to.

Chunkier sidekick to replace Jobs at Macworld

Apple has officially announced that January 2009 will be its last year at Macworld (confusingly Macworld will continue without Apple). Philip Schiller has featured in a number of Apple keynotes previously. Steve …

Bag of hurt… Apple October Event

Apple’s “spotlight turns to notebooks” event finished up a few minutes ago. Some analysts believed that due to the economic climate Apple would release a low-cost netbook to combat the likes of …

Disappointing WWDC, sorry Apple fans

Sorry Apple fans, but WWDC 2008 wasn’t what it should have been. It was predictable and mundane. If everything announced today were new then it would be different, but half of WWDC was a repeat of Apple’s March 6th event where Steve Jobs announced the iPhone Roadmap. Apple have already released their first iPhone 3G […]

18 hours, the calm before the iStorm

18 hours until Steve Jobs steps up at WWDC 2008 (beginning 9th June 1:00PM eastern time) to announce the 2nd generation iPhone. Sadly we won’t be there, maybe another year. Its the calm before the storm of iPhone mania, everyone is now getting a good nights sleep before following the conference in real time thanks […]

Apple to target the self-involved

Although not confirmed, it is thought that Apple may have purchased ‘‘. A quick whois of gives no results other than a its parking with markmonitor which has been previously used by Apple. However a search of the SOA records yields the output shown below. Highlighted is the DNS administrator which appears to be […]