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Chris Cardell

Interview with Valentin Radu (Marketizator)

Marketizator provides internet marketing optimisation software.

I interviewed Valentin Radu, Marketizator founder to find out more. This is the two hundred and seventeenth in a series of DW startup interviews. Big thank you to Valentin!

How would you describe Marketizator in under 50 words?

Marketizator is the world’s first integrated conversion rate optimization platform made by marketers for marketers: a happy mix between advanced segmentation, A/B Testing, real time interactions and surveys.

What gap in the market did you discover that persuaded you to launch Marketizator in late 2012?

The enterprise solutions available on the market were either costly or hard to use because of the abundance of features.
More than that, the marketers had only A/B testing tools in order to convert. But, doing A/B testing requires knowledge. You cannot always have great assumptions or data. So, the customer voice was vital. That’s why, we’ve decided to integrate surveys in order to know what to test. But, afterwards, if they were leaving without taking action, what should we do? We’ve come up with real time interactions. So, you can now test not only the content, but also test welcome pages or on-exit messages with vouchers, last-time offers, etc.

Tell us a bit about your background before Marketizator.

I’m from Romania, born in the communist period. I began my mission as an entrepreneur mid 2000s when I bought cable internet in Bucharest, because we wanted to play Starcraft online. People were happy because they could talk to their relatives that worked in Spain, online.

After that, I started what became the largest online insurance player in Romania, with more than 120k customers.

Based on that experience, when, by hard-coding the website, I managed to double the conversion rate, I decided to build Marketizator, a company that has the mission to become an ally for start-up’s and SMB in their marketing struggle with the huge guys.

Who do you see as your target audience? How are you reaching them?

SaaS, e-commerce managers, marketing managers.

Content & email marketing, networking, partnerships, conferences and last but not the least, PPC.

You aim to increase your clients’ conversion rate to 5%. How difficult is it to help them achieve this rate?

If they are smart and open to testing and experimenting, it’s not so difficult to do that. Basically, our tool allows them to build conversation scenarios with their visitors, based on what they already know about them (geolocation, temperature, behavior, etc).

If you put a chainsaw in the hands of a smart and talented guy, he can sculpt Madonna. If he’s not, he’ll get visits from friends at the hospital.

How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

– Ready to use real time interactions that are specifically made based on Cialdini’s persuasion principles (urgency, sympathy, etc); no other A/B testing tools have it.
– We have an advanced segmentation engine available, so that you can even adjust your website if the visitor has visited your competitor’s website or if it’s 25 degrees outside.
– We have advanced segmented surveys so you can find out purchase intention from a specific traffic source or the NPS (net promoter score) from a specific country.
– We are monitoring the most important KPIs for conversion rate.

You have 4 pricing plans. How do you persuade people to use the ‘Galactic Optimiser’ option?

Well, they’ve convinced themselves that this is the best option for their businesses.

After you settle at an amount of traffic, based on A/B testing, you will want to address all the visitors you can convert in a personalized manner, in order to make them click. So, eventually, you will choose the “Galactic Optimiser” option :)

Where do you see Marketizator in 5 years time?

Marketizator will be the main platform that online marketers are using for their conversion rate optimization objectives.

What advice would you offer to any soon to be startup founders out there?

Focus. Always focus on the most important things. Re-think weekly, what’s your objective?

Can you convince the reader to start using Marketizator in under 50 words?

Well, dear reader, if you are on this website, it’s crystal clear that you want to be successful. And being successful is about making the proper changes at the right time. If you think it’s time to focus on your conversion rate instead of raising the traffic bet, act now.

Finished reading? Check out Marketizator!

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