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Chris Cardell

Interview with Asher Elran (Dynamic Search)

Dynamic Search is web marketing and search engine optimisation agency.

I interviewed Asher Elran, Dynamic Search founder to find out more. This is the two hundred and twelfth in a series of DW startup interviews. Big thank you to Asher!

How would you describe Dynamic Search in under 50 words?

Dynamic Search is a web-marketing agency that helps medium to large businesses increase visibility and brand awareness. Dynamic Search has a strict marketing methodology that promotes web ethics and creativity. Dynamic Search’s team is a pioneer in marketing methods giving a competitive edge to its clients’.

97% of consumers now search for local products and services online. Is this one of the reasons you decided to launch Dynamic Search back in 2006?

Absolutely, as a matter of fact Dynamic Search is a product of a need I had establishing a startup on 2002. I recognized the unstoppable evolving trends in the marketing world, and I decided to take action. There is no doubt consumers are searching for products and services online. Other marketing streams have to settle for a smaller slice of the market, which gets smaller every year. According to a recent research, web-marketing growth will jump from $12.2 to $23.4 billion this year. This reflects consumers’ voice and the growing need in search data consumption.

How did you build your team? What qualities in particular were you looking for?

My first team member is a childhood friend and the co-founder of Dynamic Search, Ben Oren. He is my right hand and an expert in his field who has already helped numerous businesses reach their marketing goals. The rest of the team is a group of professional and creative people who feel and breathe web-marketing every day. I could have a very long list here, but other than Ben I also owe my thanks to Mickey Landkof and Nicole T Small who are an integral part of our company and overall success.

How have your services evolved over the years since launching?

There is no question that our methods and tools have changed almost completely. The online marketing world is ever changing and we all have to follow the pace and direction of the current marketing trends. Our ethical and strict marketing approach to amaze prospects rather than search engines has stayed intact and proved to be the most efficient. We are very proud of the fact that we never settle for less and always put our clients’ reputation before anything else.

Has Dynamic Search got the growth you expected since 2006?

Dynamic Search has grown and reached most of its marketing and financial goals. Along the way, we had several hurdles but nothing we weren’t prepared for or couldn’t handle. We started building our company from the ground up, and today we are proud of serving big brand names and medium size companies.

Tell us a bit about your 12 module Internet marketing program.

The marketing modules are the building-blocks of every web-marketing plan. We don’t believe in shelf products, therefore we created the concept of marketing modules. This helps us and our clients breakdown online marketing to smaller manageable pieces and seek only the things that bring more bang for the buck. Most marketing objectives are usually shared across the board, but the way to get there efficiently is different from one business to another; something many web-marketer won’t even bother telling you. If you select the marketing modules that match your business type, you are increasing 10 times fold your chances for a successful marketing campaign that actually shows ROI.

What is your primary focus at the moment?

Our primary focus has been (and will always stay) optimizing the effectiveness of our modules/services. We spend a great deal of manpower, time, and money to ensure we provide the best marketing service our clients’ can buy.

Where do you see Dynamic Search in 2 years?

Dynamic Search currently serves a niche in the market that can afford a premium service. I want to clarify that by saying premium, I don’t mean expensive. We have very competitive solutions compared to other companies that offer the same type and level of service. Web marketing is changing faster than the pace people acknowledge the need to be part of it. Therefore, most of our clients are business owners that have already recognized the unstoppable change, rather than sticking to old non-working offline marketing methods.

In two years (or less) I hope most business owners will see web marketing as an essential and integral part of every business-marketing plan. In two years we also hope to completely finish the establishment of Ignitur (a sister company), which will serve all the rest of the businesses that don’t fall under Dynamic Search’s scope of work.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting an Internet services business?

Make sure you have all the ingredients to increase the chances for success. The three main ones are passion, capital, and vast knowledge. Starting a web-marketing business is no different than starting any other company. The competition is fierce, and therefore raising such a startup from the ground up will take some time, but definitely possible for those that don’t give up and provide a good service.

Can you convince the reader to visit Dynamic Search in under 50 words?

If you are looking for a professional web team, we might be what you’ve been looking for in terms of comprehensive services, great support, and most importantly, results. Explore and subscribe to our blog, it’s a good place to start. You will find interesting articles and be up-to-date with new web-marketing trends.

Finished reading? Check out Dynamic Search!

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