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Chris Cardell

Sponsored Video: .UK domain – A Great Place to Be

A Great Place To Be” is a new website that summarises the benefits of owning a .UK domain for your business or personal website.

The videos below present and and the success they’ve had with the .UK domain.

Tregothnan Company Director Jonathon Jones used a .UK domain to sell his unique British-grown tea to the larger market, seeing sales worldwide and resulting in online sales of £1.2million this year alone and projected sales of around £20million as soon as 2020.

Sweetpie Sweets owner Vanessa Clark’s sales are set to grow by up to 70% by 2015 as she’s receiving orders for her retro gifts and sweets from all over the UK.

The .UK domain has become an instant identifier for shoppers and browsers and often creates a sense of trust for British users. 1 in 4 businesses with a .UK domain use it for e-commerce and this is set to grow. Over 10 million .UK domain are currently registered!

A Great Place to Be

If you’re a UK business just starting out, take a look at “A Great Place To Be” to find out why it could be beneficial to your business in terms of customer confidence in your service and immediately identify you as a British website, business and/or e-commerce store. A study conducted by Insight Engineers in 2012 showed that 80% of people prefer .UK websites when searching online. With over £78 billion estimated online shopping in the UK, there has never been a better time to start selling online.

Post sponsored by A Great Place To Be.

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