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Chris Cardell

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Interview with Payman Taei (Easy WebContent Presenter)

Presenter enables the creation of interactive HTML5 presentations and animations.

I interviewed Payman Taei about Easy WebContent Presenter as a follow up to a 2012 Easy WebContent interview. Big thank you to Payman!

How would you describe Easy WebContent Presenter in under 100 words?

Presenter replaces numerous content tools with just one application. Advertisements and banners, along with website landing pages, web and mobile animation, presentations, infographics, and mock-ups, or even static or motion graphics can all be created using just Presenter.

The shuffling between applications that have their own particular way of doing things slows down creation time and the effectiveness of the final product. With one application, the creation process is streamlined and easier to translate to both web and mobile devices. It’s one App on the cloud for all your visual content needs.

You developed Presenter (a product of Easy WebContent) after experiencing difficulties yourself, can you tell us a bit more?

That is correct. We had a reality check set in 2008. I had always been an avid Flash designer. In fact at my design firm HindSite Interactive which I founded back in 2001 over the years our business thrived on designing interactive websites (remember those cool flash sites?). We did some exciting work from 2008 Elections for ABC News to Educational cartoons for National Tropical Botanical Gardens and our own award winning website’s flash version at HindSite Interactive were all designed with Flash and have won multiple accolades.

But something terrible happened to interactive side of our business. Apple launched iPhone and iPad and neither supported the Flash plugin; without it any content created with flash would simply not load on those devices. Go ahead and try to pull up our flash site HindSite on your Apple mobile devices and you can see or I should say, you can’t see it.

So we waited for a tool that would replace Flash and allow us to continue on our path of creating interactive content, but a tool worthy of being used at a professional level never came. Yes there were a few applications that rolled out but frankly they were either too limited or too buggy including Adobe Edge’s beta version.

That’s when we decided to take things into our own hands. If no one else is building a product worthy of us using it, why the heck aren’t we building one? After all we ate and breathed animations and interactivity for the last decade, so who would be better to create an app that speaks the same language. And so that is how it all started.

Looking back a few years later in hindsight it was all for the better and we’re very excited to be in the forefront of it.

What is Presenter’s unique selling point which makes it superior to other Presentation applications?

There are a few actually.

First it’s one tool to fill the majority if not all your visual content needs. Rather than using multiple applications you can use Presenter to create a variety of visual content that will better engage your audience. It requires no coding, design or technical experience to use.

Second it’s entirely cloud based, so no software or installation and can be accessed from virtually any recent version of web browsers.

From a technical standpoint, it’s not flash, it’s entirely based on HTML5 and in fact it’s a hybrid of HTML5 canvas and DIV’s which gives it superior performance so you can animate multiple layers without choppy/slow down you often face in HTML5 animations when using multiple objects.

Last but not least Presenter generates uniform content. What you create is mobile and web friendly on publish so you have consistency of content that works on all standard browsers, platforms and devices.

Do you see your main target audience as businesses or individuals? Do you plan on expanding this?

One of our biggest goals with Easy WebContent’s Presenter has been to create a visual/design App that anyone can use. You often hear experts recommend to concentrate on one specific niche/audience and that is a valid point and it often makes sense.

But I fail to believe you cannot create software that can appeal and serve the needs of both creative and non creative professionals and can fulfill a variety of content needs. This is a big challenge and it requires more insight and understanding than if say we just concentrated on a basic app with limited functionality that is geared towards novice users.

Me and my team are on mission to simplify the ability to create more visual and engaging content that anyone can create. Students, Teachers are finding a great use for our App for their presentations and resumes, bloggers are starting to see the value it can bring to support their static content, businesses and e-commerce sites are seeing the potential it can bring to better promote their product and services for increased conversion rates and non profits are seeing the value of their cause increased through visual and interactive content that can create a stronger impact.

We are just getting started and currently in public beta so anyone can sign-up and try it and we welcome feedback positive or negative. User feedback is helping us fill the gap of our user needs which is extremely important to us.

How does Presenter compare to your other products in terms of priorities at the moment? Do you envisage developments to Presenter in the near future?

Presenter is our little baby. It is getting nurtured and all the attention it needs and deserves internally. It is therefore at top of priority list at Easy WebContent. As of mid May, since our public beta launch in March we have added over 25 new features and improvements to system as well as numerous refinements majority based on direct user feedback and requests. We have many more improvements on the way. In fact we rollout new features and refinements bi-weekly. As an example one of our new features will be simplifying the animation process with rollout of a new timeline that non creative types will love.

That does not mean we are not supporting or improving our other Apps. Quite the contrary; for example our Site Builder is undergoing a series of new improvements and refinements to improve it’s usability and support our growing user base.

How has the initial reaction to Presenter been?

If there is anything I have learned in business (or in life) is that you can plan and create all the strategies and detailed business plans you want, but the reality is things always go different than how you anticipate them. In our case with Presenter so far things have been great.

We have users talking about Presenter and referring others and have seen various mentions and social buzz take place, many without our direct involvement which is what any start-up could wish for.

You’ve received positive reviews from AppStorm and Tech Cocktail. How do you plan to continue getting the word out about Presenter?

Reviews and PR only takes you so far. What we are seeing is more and more users noticing the potential of Presenter and blogging, talking and referring others to use our App which is great for traction. Through partnerships and collaborations we will continue to grow our user base and as more users see the advantages of Presenter the growth will continue among other strategies we will be deploying in the future.

After Presenter, do you have any innovative ideas to further expand Easy WebContent?

We currently have 3 primary Apps under Easy WebContent: HTML Editor to edit your existing websites, Site Builder to easily create professional websites and last but not least Presenter to create everything else.

Rather than roll out more Apps we created the Presenter framework in such a way that it is going to serve as a platform to expand it’s capabilities across many more categories of content. Currently we provide Preset/templates for Presentations, Infographics and banners (aside from custom work users can create) and we will in near future roll out number of additional categories of content. The aim is to fulfill the needs of users to use Presenter as the central hub for all their visual/interactive needs.

We are just getting started.

Easy WebContent as a whole has 5 employees, do you see this further expanding as you continue to develop?

We kept the team small on purpose. It helps us collaborate faster and make changes without the politics involved in larger companies. Easy WebContent is backed by the Web Consulting company HindSite Interactive so we not only have had the advantage of using our past experience in design and development but also the ability to use additional resources when we need them.

We are starting to enter a growth phase and as result we will be adding more staff to support our expansion.

What 150 words would you use to promote Presenter to potential customers?

HTML5 is the future of content delivery. Easy WebContent’s Presenter gives you one App for all your content needs and runs entirely on HTML5.

You can create awesome visual content through interactive presentations, animations, infographics, animated banners, product demos and more. Presenter has a simple drag-and-drop interface, plenty of resources, and requires no coding, so you can concentrate on design and your content in fraction of a time and be confident your work displays across any device or platform, web or mobile.

Easily publish your work on your own website or blog, download as an image or PDF or share on your favorite social network. Best of all it’s free to everyone and you can create a free account at

Finished reading? Check out Easy WebContent Presenter!

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