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Chris Cardell

Interview with David Givoni (Answerbase)

Answerbase allows you to create a Q&A site to integrate with your existing website

I interviewed David Givoni, Answerbase founder to find out more. This is the hundred and sixtieth in a series of DW startup interviews. Big thank you to David!

How would you describe Answerbase in under 50 words?

Answerbase is a Q&A based knowledge sharing platform for businesses to engage their customers and employees. Answerbase is easy to setup and can be used for online communities, private collaboration, ecommerce and customer support.

What gap in the market did you notice that inspired you to create Answerbase?

Answerbase began as a enterprise Q&A solution, powering Q&A for some of the most respected brands on the internet and creating a SaaS solution based on that engine was a natural next step in order to offer our services for a wider range of businesses. When Answerbase started there weren’t any serious white labeled Q&A solutions out there.

Who do you see as the main users of Answerbase?

Businesses wanting to engage their customers, i.e. going social, but wanting a measurable ROI as they do that.

A Q&A service can be used in many ways, so our potential clients are for example electronic cigarettes online e cig retailers wanting to offer presales Q&A on their e liquid products pages, publishers wanting to create a community around their subject matter, bloggers wanting to engage their audience and get inspiration and a services company wanting to offer social customer support and an easier way of converting inquiries to E Cigarette FAQs.

What technologies have you used to build Answerbase?

We focus on technology as being a means to an end, we’re pretty pragmatic about what we use as long as it fulfills our business goals. The system has been created primarily on the Microsoft .Net platform, but this is transparent to our clients who access everything via web based interfaces.

What was technically the most challenging part of developing Answerbase?

Converting a “one-solution-per-client” to a platform serving thousands is a challenge both technically and from a user experience perspective. Integration points such as Single Sign On, APIs, Widgetbuilders are also challenging as they need to be able to interact with the myriad of customer specific environments that exist out there, beyond our own control. So it requires a good structure and lots of testing and imagination :)

Do you feel that Answerbase differs from competitors in the market and who is your biggest competitor?

Answerbase differs in that our service is configurable for a range of uses, whereas our competitors focus on more narrow segments. There are many ways Q&A can be useful for a company and we try to offer all of those options, so our customers can use and adapt our service the way they require.

Some of our competitors are Bazaarvoice, Getsatisfaction and Answerhub.

Do you have any developments coming up?

We’re currently designing a couple of features that will allow anonymous or guest questions and answers and also letting our clients be able to restrict answering questions to themselves alone, maintaining a more controlled Q&A interaction.

Which country do you currently have the most business in?


Have you experienced a lot of positive feedback since launching Answerbase?

Yes, in general our clients are very happy with the product and they love our customer service. While it’s always good to feel that what we’re doing is useful, we appreciate the occasional critique as well since that helps us correct ourselves and points us in the direction our clients would like us to go.

What are you most excited about at the moment for Answerbase?

The fact that asking and answering questions is so fundamental as a way of gathering knowledge and solving problems and that new technologies make this much easier has laid the ground for a wider acceptance of Q&A as something that businesses need to survive and grow. So we’re seeing a huge potential for growth here and are very excited about these perspectives.

Can you convince the reader to start using Answerbase in under 50 words?

If you care about your customers and employees, you need to engage them and the easiest, most fundamental way of communicating is by asking and answering ecigarette questions. Answerbase Q&A platform helps you share knowledge, solve problems and improve your bottom line.

Finished reading? Check out Answerbase!

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