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Chris Cardell

BT Viewpoint overview

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Over the past few months I’ve been interviewing startups and the people behind interesting projects online. As the Internet is enabling global employment, the service discussed in this article is becoming increasing relevant. Envato for example has over 60 employees dispersed all over the world.

In this post I’m going to provide an overview of BT’s new offering for businesses and their endeavour to improve service in the cloud. As with any product, there will be a few business clichés, after all, have you ever come across a product that doesn’t offer you the ability to achieve maximum productivity? However, what BT is offering is interesting. Although there have been huge advances in online real-time communications, these have primarily been for the consumer and the business area is lacking.

BT Viewpoint plus unified communications wants to help your business achieve outstanding customer service and radically reduce costs while providing total security.

Unified communications is the integration of real-time communication services like video conferencing, instant messaging and telephony with non-real-time methods such as email. This is a set of products brought into a single user interface over multiple devices. The unified communications server provides a gateway between the Internet and voice channels.

The system uses presence to weigh up the best way to get in contact with one another. This allows you to get to the person and information you need as soon as you need it. It also helps save and focus resources that can boost efficiency individually and for an organisation as a whole. The integration across all platforms means that employees can be contactable wherever they are, while on the more or in the office. Further advantages include speedier decisions, a higher quality of flexible working, reduced travel costs, the ability to connect dispersed sites and a reduction in your carbon foot print.

BT has already worked with high profile clients such as Fujitsu and Tommy Hilfiger, providing them with Unified Communication and in their own words “are already driving productivity and innovation today”.

The development of these services in the business world, providing business level service is what makes BT’s offering a great opportunity. These services have been available in the public cloud for a long time, but they don’t allow much cross-over or provide any guarantees.

In summary, BT Viewpoint is a service that could be perceived as intelligent, as it can translate messages and direct them to the device which is relevant to the user at the time, the device that they’re most likely to be using and to be able to respond to you. So you don’t have to worry about how you should get in contact. These tailored tools suited to you enable a flexible, efficient and eco-friendly working environment. All of this and the above means, you guessed it, increased productivity. Great for you, great for your business.

You can follow BT Viewpoint on Twitter at @btviewpoint, read their blog at or book in a visit to the BT showcase at

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