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Chris Cardell

Splendid Bacon, splendid indeed

Having looked at and played with a lot of web apps, this is the best I’ve seen in a while. It’s a pure project that’s sublime in it’s simplicity. This is a project management app without all the extra stuff, it cuts down to the barebones and provides just what you need.

The more advanced project management applications are great for large businesses that need them, but for small businesses or teams, you just don’t need all the fluff.

Splendid Bacon

Splendid Bacon was originally created in 48 hours by Kisko Labs for a development competition, RailsRumble. They’ve since made some updates since the original creation, moving server, adding SSL encryption and converting the MySQL database to PostreSQL and a few other tweaks. The dark colours aren’t for everyone, but I personally think it’s a great environment for this sort of thing.

What’s to love? The beautiful project time-line, ease of use and project status updates. It’s not pixel perfect, but it’s an incredible achievement, especially considered it was created in little over 48 hours.

Give it a go, I can see it being useful for small businesses, academic teams or even friends working on a project together. Recommended highly.

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