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Chris Cardell

ThinkPad nipple RSI

Most of the time I use a Lenovo ThinkPad X200. It runs well, has a great keyboard and the famous ThinkPad nipple. I’ve not spoken to many people who like this type of pointing device, mainly because it takes a while getting used to. My first laptop was a very very old ThinkPad, so I’ve used it most of my life. I’ve always been a big supporter of it, until recently. I’m now having to use a mouse whenever possible, because using the device causes index finger pain.

I’ve tried to do some research, but I can’t find much on the matter, a few forum topics and an excerpt for Wikipedia,

“Another criticism is that it stresses the index finger and may lead to RSI injuries.”

RSI (repetitive strain injury) as the name suggests is caused by repetitive tasks, such as constant pressure on a Thinkpad nipple. I think continuing to use the nipple would only worsen the problem. After using a MacBook Pro for a year, I didn’t have any problems, so long term it looks like the standard trackpad is the most sensible choice. But in travel and less than perfect conditions, the nipple is superior.

This is a self diagnosis and I haven’t consulted a doctor.

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