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Chris Cardell

GTI Project Review

I’ve delayed writing this review, primarily because I’ve become so addicted to the game I’m supposed to be reviewing. Unfortunately my efforts have gone unrecognised, those leading the board seem to know something I don’t. My measly 21 seconds trounced by littleted’s 13 seconds.

GTI Game Volkswagen recently released a game ahead of the UK launch of the new Golf GTI on May 22 2009. The game depicts a scale model of a Golf GTI on a Scalextric track. The track was shaped by 60 modellers and contains over 200 scale buildings in a 25ft by 30ft space. After setting a respectable time, I was given the chance to enter into a draw to drive a new Golf GTI for three months. Which would come in handy.

The game, codenamed GTI Project requires only Adobe Flash Player and is remarkably well constructed with rapid loading. The music is very enjoyable, reminiscent of the soundtrack from The Transporter featuring Jason Statham. As with real world Scalextric (and to some extend, real life in general), going too fast will inevitably lead to crashes, when it does, the inpatient will be disheartened as the man takes at times over 15 seconds to return the car, still, no crash, no waiting.

In terms of online flash games, this is really one of the best I’ve played. I’d recommend it highly, go race at GTI Project.

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