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Chris Cardell

Another reason to avoid GoDaddy

GoDaddy, one of the largest providers of domains and web hosting on the web saw a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS attack) causing thousands of websites hosted with GoDaddy to fall off the web for a period of time this morning (14th January 2009).

Bob Walsh of CNET reported that Nick Fuller, communications manager, believed the outages were off-and-on for a number of hours, but would not release the number of users that were affected for security reasons.

GoDaddy DDoS

GoDaddy’s support as per usual was below standard, users became frustrated as information the voice mail said was available on the support site was in fact not.

This is simply another reason to avoid GoDaddy’s hosting services, reviewed in August at Hosting Review, we stated,

“…they clearly have absolutely no compassion for their customers, you could even say they have contempt for their customers, not only this, but they really do aim to squeeze every last penny out of you…”

In November 2008 GoDaddy was hit by a similar attack which took down 600,000 of its customers websites for about an hour, it’s unclear whether this attack was of a similar scale.

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  • Editor

    Apologies for the negative bias, GoDaddy is a great registrar. Unfortunately they provide weak support and web hosting services.

  • Ken Kaufman

    Both of our websites are hosted at godaddy, and they both were down all morning. Finally they came back up this afternoon!

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