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Chris Cardell

CloakHost Web Hosting Review

CloakHost is a one-man band. The force behind it is Agnivo Roy who also runs a number of other small projects. The design of the site is a little unfinished and inconsistent. The client area, which is used once you’ve paid for a package is simply an unedited WHMCS. However, none of this really matters because the support is excellent, friendly and personal and the hosting does exactly what you need it to for a nominal fee.

CloakHost is a webhost for proxy websites. Proxies essentially allow users to view the Internet through the server, as if they were actually sitting and browsing the web on the physical server. Web users use these for anonymity and to get to websites they might otherwise not be able to use.

99.9% of webhosts have a strict policy, disallowing any customer from hosting a proxy on their shared hosting (nearly all hosts will allow proxies on semi-dedicated or dedicated servers). This is due to the elevated bandwidth and server resources that they consume in comparison to the majority of websites.

CloakHost allows payment through PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers, all of which are processed instantly.

Essentially, CloakHost delivers some of the fastest shared web hosting for proxy owners available on the web. Probably the key issue is the random downtime, this could be due to overcapacity or a number of other reasons. The percentage downtime isn’t known, however when you’re hosting a proxy, uptime may not be a key issue. It’s a great niche service with little in the way of inane offerings, instead focusing on real substance.

We give CloakHost hosting services 8/10.

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As UK & Europe’s leading provider of online and offline marketing information for businesses, Cardell knows that Entrepreneurs can’t rely on one of anything - whether it’s one key customer or client, one key employee, one key supplier, one key product or price, or one key marketing method.

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Chris Cardell

Chris Cardell