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Chris Cardell

Remove/disable “For testing purposes only. Build 7000″ watermark and “Send Feedback” link from your Windows 7 beta 1 desktop

So previously we showed how to unlock the superbar, remove the activation countdown and remove the watermark from Windows 7 build 6801.

Since then, Windows 7 Beta 1 (build 7000) has been released into the wild. This time around, removing the watermark (“For testing purposes only. Build 7000″) is proving more tricky than before. We spent a good proportion of the day trying to work out how the winsxs folder is affecting user32.dll.mui. We’ll post a fix within the next few days.

However, the “Send Feedback” link seen on all windows can be removed relatively easily.

Send Feedback Link Showing (Windows 7 Beta 1)

Step One – Create the .reg file

– Start Menu -> Accessories -> Notepad

– Copy and paste the italic text below into Notepad.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

– Save the file anywhere, naming it “fbr.reg” (include the quotations when you save it as otherwise it will be saved fbr.reg.txt).

Step Two – Execute the file

– Find your created file and click it. Agree with the messages until it confirms that the value has been entered into the registry.

– Restart your computer.

Send Feedback Link Not Showing (Windows 7 Beta 1)

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  • bawod

    Have tried the above a few times , but still send feedback popping up.

  • pdickson1

    Same here. Not working.

  • pdickson1

    Found the fix:
    – Run regedit
    – Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
    – Change value of FeedbackToolEnabled to 0
    – Reboot

  • Ron

    Remove Watermark build 7000

    Open up Regedit and navigate to the following keys:

    And delete the pair of them, reboot and lo and behold dodgy testing message has vanished!

  • brian

    hi ron this works to remove testing but how do i remove the rest of it windows 7 evaluathion copy build 7000 ???

  • AlexData

    To remove the “Build 7000″ Watermark, simply do this:

    1. Go to “C:\Windows\System32\en-US” and copy the file “user32.dll.mui” to your desktop (PS: make an actual copy [ctrl+c] dont just move it)
    2. Just in case, make a backup of that “user32.dll.mui” on your D:\ or on some USB-Stick.. Just in case!!!
    3. Edit the file on your desktop with RESHACKER or your favourite program…
    Inside RESHACKER, click on “StringTable”, then expand “45 – 1033″
    edit 715, ” ”
    edit 716, ” ” (or your name here perhaps?!?)
    edit 717, ” ”
    edit 718, ” ”
    Save this file (overwrite the one on your desktop) (and maybe backup this on USB too)
    Then, find a shortcut to CMD.EXE (start-All programs-accessories) and rightclick it, choose to “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”
    then, in there (you are at “c:\windows\system32″ by default)
    write “CD en-us” and press ENTER
    then write “rename user32.dll.mui 000032.dll.mui” and press ENTER
    (cmd now renames that file and you are good to continue, if not, follow the steps in the article about taking ownership over user32.dll.mui and then do my step again)
    then simply (do not close CMD yet) drag the edited “user32.dll.mui” from your desktop and into C:\windows\system32\en-us and thats it….
    Now simply LOG OFF and then LOG BACK ON…and you should see the change!!!

  • AlexData

    I’ve made a Step-By-Step html-slideshow of the steps you need to take inorder to remove the “For testing purposes only” message from your desktop…

    I used PSR.EXE that is included in WIN7 (Problem Steps Recorder) and generated
    a step by step guide to edit your “user32.dll.mui” file in order to get that message away….

  • Sjoerd


    I altered the mentioned entries and replaced the user32.dll.mui, which required taking ownership btw.

    After a logof/reboot, the file/changes are restored.

    I also tried replacing it in safe mode but to no avail.

    It seems that Windows restores the file immediately after an alteration was detected. Perhaps we should alter that file also?

    Any suggestions are appreciated :)

  • Sjoerd

    also, you mention a step-by-step guide. Might be nice to post a link?

  • k4m1

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

    the error is “

  • AlexData

    I believe that you might have to turn off your SYSTEM RESTORE function inorder to make it work… And maybe also put UAC to its lowest (most insecure) settings… Then do the changes above, restart, and if the change stays, delete the SYSTEM RESTORE points until this moment, and make a NEW system restore point now…

    PS: if anything fails, reinsert Win7 DVD, restart machine and choose FIX (insted of install) and your back up running in no time…

    Hope this helps…

    PS: the link in my post was removed… I’ll see what I can do about getting you guys a link to a usable guide!

  • AlexData

    Go to the following site to see how to DISABLE UAC (User Account Settings) and SYSTEM RESTORE… A working blog post of how to disable the Feedback Link is also there, soon to come is a post on how to remove the watermark from your Windows 7 build 7000

    editwindows7 * blogspot * com

    Most of you understand that you have to replace the * with an . to make that adress work…. You may also CLICK on MY NAME in this post to get to this blog site…

  • Bobby

    Hi Alex.. ive got a small problem with editing OLD.USER.DLL.MUI cuz everytime when i drag and drop the file into reshacker it doesnt show up n it says that the file no longer exists… help??

  • Bobby

    resolved.. ^^ just type in google Windows_7PlusPatch_8_for_ALL_Version.rar
    Have fun everything works perfectly

  • Jorge A.

    It’s not such difficult to remove “Only for testing purposes…” in build 7000 of Windows 7. It worked for me in muy build and was some easy. Click here:

  • Jorge A.

    OK, I’ve tried the suggestion of this blog but didn´t work. “pdickson1″ (comment # 3)gave the solution and now I don’t have the “send feedback” link in my windows. Thx pdickson1!

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