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Chris Cardell

Configuring the somewhat unpleasant Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple’s Mighty Mouse is considered by many as the worst Apple product ever made. It has to be said, it is not a great mouse. It feels cheap and plasticy, the mouse buttons take some time to get used to and the default sensitivity is impossible to get used to.

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

You may have no other choice, therefore you are looking for some tweaks you can carry out to make your experience with the Mighty Mouse just a little more bearable.

This is specifically for those with large resolutions.

Firstly you should download USB Overdrive and install it. The software is free unless you wish to remove the message when your computer boots up.

Once you have installed the software, visit System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse.

Configure your options as seen below

– Tracking fully right

– Scrolling fully left

Mouse Preferences Mac OS X

Open USB Overdrive and configure:

– Speed: 100 dpi

– Acceleration: 20%

USB Overdrive Mac OS X

After some use you should find this more comfortable.

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  • erkki esimerkki

    For me, Mighty Mouse is the best mouse ever! Scrollball and touch sensitivity are the key! True, some other mice have more dpi or so, but it doesn’t matter.

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