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Chris Cardell

Sony… you’re such a tease

Sony has been selling supercharged netbooks for years now, they dominated the ultra-portable market with their ultra-expensive high quality laptops until recently, as nearly all their competitors have heavily undercut them with far less expensive (and less powerful) laptops, namely ‘Netbooks’ (Such as the Acer Aspire One).

They’ve been stubbornly waiting it out (along with Apple), but it looks as if they will be entering the market this January. Sony has put a page up on the New Zealand website, titled ‘The Wait Is Over‘, which is a little confusing because there is currently still 17 days to go… clearly the wait isn’t over. Still, the page states that,

“On the 9th of January you will change the way you look at laptops. Forever.”

Not a huge amount can be determined from this as it is a little hidden, plus its only on the New Zealand based Sony site.

New Netbook Sony Vaio?

There have been whisperings of a super-wide Vaio netbook due to the FCC leaking a picture of a notebook with a screen of around 10″. If this isn’t a piece of clichéd marketing then hopefully we will be seeing a revolutionary piece of kit in January.

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