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Chris Cardell

Configuring the somewhat unpleasant Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple’s Mighty Mouse is considered by many as the worst Apple product ever made. It has to be said, it is not a great mouse. It feels cheap and plasticy, the mouse buttons take some time to get used to and the default sensitivity is impossible to get used to.

Remove/disable “For testing purposes only. Build 7000″ watermark and “Send Feedback” link from your Windows 7 beta 1 desktop

So previously we showed how to unlock the superbar, remove the activation countdown and remove the watermark from Windows 7 build 6801.

Since then, Windows 7 Beta 1 (build 7000) has been released into the wild.

Street View hitting home this Spring

That’s if ‘home’ for you is the UK. British newspaper, The Independent, has speculated that Google will be introducing Street View to the UK in Spring 2009. Street View is a Google Maps feature that allows you to view the roads at eye-level (if you’re 8ft tall) …

Sony… you’re such a tease

Sony has been selling supercharged netbooks for years now, they dominated the ultra-portable market with their ultra-expensive high quality laptops until recently, as nearly all their competitors have heavily undercut them with far less expensive (and less powerful) laptops, namely ‘Netbooks’ (Such as the Acer Aspire One). They’ve been stubbornly waiting it out (along with […]

“3D Ready” to replace “HD Ready”?

The phrase “3D Ready” hasn’t been thrown around commercially yet, due to there not actually being any “3D Ready” televisions in the shops (in the UK at least). The problem with “HD Ready” was that nine out of ten people had no clue what that meant, knowing only that HD is a good thing. They’d […]

Chunkier sidekick to replace Jobs at Macworld

Apple has officially announced that January 2009 will be its last year at Macworld (confusingly Macworld will continue without Apple). Philip Schiller has featured in a number of Apple keynotes previously. Steve …

WordPress 2.7… major release

Today WordPress released version 2.7, a major release of the world’s favourite free open source PHP blogging platform. Why should you care? Firstly, if you blog with WordPress then you’ll want to upgrade …

Google Books… now with magazines

Yesterday Google announced the introduction of old magazines within the Google Books service. Google has been digitizing books for years, this addition is another step in Google’s vision of creating an online archive of the offline world (while taking over the world). Google Engineer Dave Foulser posted the update to the Google Blog, stating, “Over […]

Acer Aspire One £170.34… bargain

Netbooks should be cheap, they should work and they should be portable. Unfortunately the Elonex ONE only ticked the first and the last (marginally) of those options. They worked towards an unachievable target …

Google cleans up Google Reader

Google updated Google Reader a few minutes ago. Google Reader is a web-based RSS reader. 5 days ago we posted that it might not be a bad idea to follow Gmail’s lead and add optional themes to Google …

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