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Chris Cardell… that’ll be £50,000 please

Recently I discovered an eBay category home to the cheekiest, confused and optimistic of all eBayers. The sub-category ‘Domain Names’ within ‘Computing’ holds a vast array of astoundingly over-priced domain names.

In January 2008 shattered all previous UK records by purchasing for £560,000 (roughly $840,000). Breaking the previous record of £150,000 for in October 2007.

Despite this, modest eBay seller uk2r is aiming not to break the current UK record, but come within £60,000 of it by selling for £500,000. The fact that,, and almost every combination of this format can be purchased from a domain registrar for less than $10 doesn’t seem to daunt this seller.


Value hunters may be interested in this two for one offer, plus for just £100,000, that’s only £50,000 each. If you’re on an even tighter budget then will set you back only £2,000.

In short the domain category at eBay is a joke. A moderation system should be put in place for items over £500,000 in the domain category (and any category). You’d struggle to give away, let alone sell it for £50,000.

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