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Chris Cardell

Four months of tech news

Four months and 51 articles later, DoesWhat has covered a host of different stories and built a solid reader base. In May we looked at Asus’ Eee PC 900, the last in the line of non-Atom based netbooks. Then we jumped in with a review of 08 model Powerisers, from the original jumping-stilts company. PayPal started loosing the plot, first with IPN troubles and then merchant charging issues pursued. Shortly after came the announcement of Firefox 3 download day which was as of yet to be held on a date unknown.

Elonex ONEIn June we began coverage of the Elonex ONE, Britain’s answer to the Eee PC and the first sub-£100 laptop. Then came Google’s battle against the dreaded privacy link. Gpcode.ak came to our desktops with the clever but evil blackmail virus. Amazon went down for a period of a few hours, sending the internet into a frenzy, staged for free publicity or a genuine technical fault? A study by Telindus showed that 39 percent of 18 to 24 year olds would be prone to leaving their job if Facebook was to be banned. Then came AVG’s controversial LinkScanner. We started to make some progress with Elonex ONE. We reported the beginnings of Firefox 3 Download Day and then the ongoing troubles and panic. Bill Gates retired (sort of) but will be focusing on philanthropy, oh and Seinfeld ads.

CuilIn July Google’s AdSense shredded some weight by scrapping “AdSense Referrals”. Then we noticed that after some fighting Google had finally given in and added a small privacy link to the homepage. Then we picked up the incredible Nokia E71. Cuil a disappointing search engine hit our screens with a massive advertising campaign. Shortly afterwards our Elonex ONE dispatched.

August kicked off with a look at the delivered Elonex ONE. Getting our hands on one so early meant that we were the first to post an un-boxing video. Our first look review has been DoesWhat’s most visited page and also the most commented on. The initial review was a little negative, so shortly after we posted a more positively slanted review. We then had a look at web hosting companies as an introduction to our latest blog “Hosting Review“. Microsoft then began a new advertising campaign, Windows Mojave. And after taking another look at Cuil a month later we found no progress.

This month we looked at Google Chrome pre-launch and it’s possible effect on other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As well as teenagers new found fascination with BlackBerrys. And most recently the release of VLC media player 0.9.2 an Open Source application two years in the making.

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