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Chris Cardell

Christmas List… BlackBerry & Pony

What with Apple’s brand and effective marketing the iPhone has fallen into the hands of almost everyone, tech teenagers looking for a unique device intended to intrigue others have found RIM’s BlackBerry. The yet to be released BlackBerry Pearl Flip, RIM’s first clamshell/flip phone is predicted to be a top seller this Christmas among teenagers. 7 in 10 US phones have a clamshell form factor, RIM hopes to penetrate this market.

BlackBerry Pearl FlipRIM have picked-up on this almost accidental youth-targeted market and have been busy creating “lifestyle” and entertainment applications. BlackBerry’s Facebook application has been downloaded over 2.5 million times in the last year, a built in 3G connection allows Facebook addicts to connect with Facebook literally 24 hours a day, worryingly. Heavy SMS users have realised the advantages and possible savings in using BlackBerry’s real-time service plus voice notes and instant email notifications.

Said pre-pubescent businessmen/businesswomen will be looking for a monthly cash injection of around £40 for 18 months. Christmas and Birthday then.

Those teenagers that don’t find any of the BlackBerrys nearly unique or hip enough can hop onto and grab a first generation iPhone (the one without 3G) encrusted with diamonds for a charge of £20,000 (roughly $40,000). That doesn’t even include the £55 postage and packing charge.

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