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Chris Cardell

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy is an interesting web host, they’re essentially a domain registrar; their hosting services are simply an add-on service. One thing is for sure, if the front-end of the hosting company isn’t fast then that’s a fairly good indication on what their purchasable web hosting will be like. The DoesWhat domain is registered at GoDaddy and we can only fault them on the speed of their domain manager (it’s slow) and they do offer some of the best domain prices on the web (with the use of coupons).
We’ve had experience with not only their shared hosting, but also their virtual dedicated and dedicated servers and we can say that using any of GoDaddy’s services excluding its domain registering is not an enjoyable experience.

Ok, lets get virtual dedicated out the way, ours keeps crashing. We had around 5 sites on a virtual dedicated server and the traffic seemed to use up the entirety of the RAM available and the sites kept going down. After contacting GoDaddy the advice was to pay $70 to them in order to have an expert examine the issue. This is typical GoDaddy. Having dealt with them before they clearly have absolutely no compassion for their customers, you could even say they have contempt for their customers, not only this, but they really do aim to squeeze every last penny out of you.

Shared hosting started off well, but then we started to receive constant error pages due to increased traffic. GoDaddy then recommended moving to dedicated hosting. Which we did, removing the errors, but the pages were responding far slower. Shared hosting at GoDaddy is a little overpriced and not very configurable, but for small sites it should be fine. However, we wouldn’t recommend it!

The issue with GoDaddy is their size. Although at first it might seem easiest and cheapest to go with a large faceless web hosting company, this isn’t the best way in our experience. Web hosting is extremely competitive, that’s why there are so many small web hosting companies that try to offer everything they possibly can to compete with the big web hosting companies. You can also deal with the same people and feel like a customer and not a record in a database.

We give GoDaddy hosting services 5/10.

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