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Chris Cardell

Elonex ONE… will dispatch soon

If you read DoesWhat then you’ll know that we’ve been observing the Elonex ONE’s progress. The Elonex ONE is a sub-notebook and the UK’s first sub £100 notebook (not really, as they charged us £10 on top for delivery which wasn’t optional, so £110 really). We have had our worries, but it seems that Elonex might be getting their act together. We completed payment for the ONE a couple of days ago (July 9th) as did Kevin and Michelle (commenters at DoesWhat) which suggests that Elonex haven’t been spreading orders over time, but instead the process seems to be more of a bulk job.

Anyway, our confirmation stated that the device will be dispatched within 28 days which means that we should receive it before the 5th August.

We’ll keep you posted on that, in other news, you may have heard Elonex has launched the Elonex ONEt; this was offered to us when we completed payment for the Elonex ONE, but this would lead to further delays and we wanted to try out the original Elonex ONE because of its detachable touch screen. This is yet another competitor that will be put up against the likes of the Asus Eee range, MSI Wind and all the other ultra cheap, ultra portable laptops.

This entry was posted on Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 7:28 pm GMT. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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  • Fosgon

    The One doesn’t have a touch screen. It is detachable but not Touch.

  • netbsd

    Wait a minute, did you say touchscreen?

  • Paul L

    Has anybody actually received one of these yet? I ordered mine in March and am still waiting. Initially I was promised delivery in June; this became from June but before September. After waiting for months I received a request for payment in early July (as did my sister who ordered 4 weeks after me – so much for the first ordered first delivered policy). I am promised dispatch within 28 days – so sometime next week. I am, however, not confident this will happen. Whenever I have contacted Elonex their customer service is pathetic – no access to customer records but it’s coming soon.
    In the meantime I’ve got a EEEPC 701 – walked into the shop, picked it up, paid and walked out – no problems; and I love it. Tried it with XP, worked OK but slow; now running Mint Linux – brilliant! Hope the One lives up to my expectation.

  • DoesWhat

    @ Fosgon & netbsd
    Apologises on the touch screen front, must have misread this somewhere.

    @ Paul L
    The Eee PC 701 is probably a lot better in most ways than the Elonex, what with Asus’ experience with laptops. However it was the price that was most intriguing about the One. It looks as if no one will receive their One until September at the earliest.

  • DoesWhat

    Spoke to early, it looks as if we may receive it before August.

    Elonex ONE… finally dispatched

  • DoesWhat
  • laura williams

    I received an email to tell me i would receive mine at the end of august…. august came and went and so i emailed them to ask when i would be getting my laptops.. i got a reply back saying that the last batch were held up at customs and i will definately receive them in 7-10 days………….. the 10 days was up today, so i will be emailing them again tomorrow….. no at all happy at being fobbed off all the time! I am now thinking i will be lucky to receive them before christmas.

  • stephanie sandford

    i have sent and recieved many emails and phone calls. I am really fed up I pre-ordered in june, paid, and still waiting, 2 laptops one is for my daughters who’s birthday was in May the other is for my other daughters birthday which is next month. i will be asking for my money back before much longer. never have i had to pay for something and wait so long for it and still not know when it will arrive. farsical really farsical.


    For those who are waiting for theirs to be sent please note i placed an order for one in march finally got it start of sept after many telephone calls. (i got mine quicker because i changed the colour i wanted i just asked what they had in stock and went for it) when the unit arrived it didn’t switch on. so sent it back one week later the replacement arrives the unit switches on but doesn’t charge up of run of the mains power. have sent that back and am waiting for money back.
    Spoke to elonex to find out when i will get my money back they advised it will take over 7 days before they will authorise it. by the same gentleman got advised if i complain they will delay my refund. Elonex have made some nice money here especially on the interest of all the money they had in their bank for 6 months.!!!

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