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Chris Cardell

MySpace redesign (a gradient header)

Maybe we are being a little simplistic here, but a look at the MySpace website shows very little in the way of a ‘redesign’ but instead a new header with a slight ‘web 2.0‘ gradient.

Haikurious summed up the redesign in 5-7-5 syllables (we’ve starred out the bad language, Haikurious seems to have a bit of a potty mouth)

“Myspace redesign
No longer f***king fugly
Now just plain fugly”

Apart from what you can see straight off, the menus have also been improved so you can reduce clicking time, search has been improved and MySpaceTV has been revamped.

MySpace has often been criticized for its disorderly design, the new design looks at rectifying some of the areas that it has fallen down in, but MySpace continues to be a place for people to ‘express themselves’ compared to the OSD traits of the orderly Facebook, which is more a tool (or addiction) used to keep in-touch (or spy).

Worldwide, Facebook took over MySpace in terms of unique monthly visitors back in April. This was expected as Facebook continued to grow at a constant rate while MySpace had stayed constant with no real signs of growth.

In terms of the US, MySpace still reigns supreme, but here in the UK the general consensus… Facebook is king. (DoesWhat doesn’t Facebook or MySpace, the risk of addiction is far too high!)

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  • ajay

    facebook is best as compare to myspcae
    myspace is totally confusing

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