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Chris Cardell

Finally, Elonex ONE progress

After much delay we’ve received a promising email from Elonex,

“Pre-ordered ONE or ONE+ deliveries are scheduled to commence towards the end of June. You will shortly receive a further e-mail advising you of your projected delivery date and requesting the outstanding balance. You will also be invited you to purchase from our range of accessories, which will help you get the most from your new laptop.

The above mentioned e-mails will go out in the order in which the orders were received, with all advices going out within the next four weeks. Early Ship (Beta Test) deliveries will be made by the end of June, followed by the remaining deliveries which will be shipped on a first ordered, first delivered basis. All deliveries will be made prior to the new school year…”

ElonexONE Email

Click the image to the left if you would like to see the full email that we received.

Something tells us that we will probably be receiving it nearer to the beginning of the next school year. However, we were one of the first to reserve the Elonex ONE, back before the ONE+ was on offer. If we are given the option to upgrade to the plus version then we’ll probably take it, but we won’t kick up a fuss, risking our position in-line.

As soon as we receive the promised email we’ll let you know.

This entry was posted on Monday, June 16th, 2008 at 11:20 pm GMT. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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  • DoesWhat

    Well, we haven’t received any emails after the one you see above (as of 1st July).

  • Kevin

    I received confirmation of mine today, and completed the order.

    It says to allow 28 days for delivery, oh…and, they offered a free upgrade to one of these…

    Which I didn’t take up, the idea of removing the keyboard and making it into a tablet appeals.

    10GBP for delivery…

  • Michelle

    I too received confirmation of mine yesterday and upgraded to the onet+ as the spec was better, although I’ll miss the removable keyboard. So fingers crossed for the next 28 days, I was beginning to wonder if this would ever happen.

  • DoesWhat

    Kevin & Michelle, thanks for posting, let us know when you receive your Elonex ONE.

    Elonex ONE… will dispatch soon

  • joni

    actually it’s not delivered in 28 days
    it’s despatched within 28 days it could then take a further 10 days to be delivered
    so overall it’s 38 days
    thats over 6 weeks

  • Mike

    I confirmed my order on the 11th so should have delivery around the 8th August,

    I phoned the company today and they said the item would be shipped ‘next day delivery’ so most should be landing 11-14 August…. mmm have to wait and see.

  • DoesWhat

    You should receive it probably within a couple of days.

    Elonex ONE un-boxed, first look review

  • Mike

    Here we go…just 3 days before the 28 days delivery an email from elonex….. due to overwhelming interest…… your order will now be delivered before the end of August…. so the 28 days is now way out of the window.

    I phoned them today to understand the ‘confusion’

    The original email said that they would not ask for final payment until they had the goods to ship – then we had to allow up to 28 days for delivery (fair enough) – now to be told they do not have the stock – this is miss selling.
    I called (and spoke to a human) and was promised a call from the MD – I did not get one – I will call again tomorrow and if i cannot speak to the MD I will get his home phone number from companies house.. and will be happy to list it here.

    If they have made a mistake – tell us – this happens with new products, but to lie and put up a smoke screen is unacceptable.

    I still think thus could be an excellent machine (one and onet) but the lack of clarity is beginning to put the offer ar risk. If everyone that ordered one canceled the order I suspect Elonex would be make bankrupt.

    Overall they way Elonex are managing this situation is not good

  • Michelle

    Well, after a whopping 26 DAYS after taking payment off me, I received an e-mail from Elonex yesterday saying there was a further delay and they couldn’t deliver until the end of August (whilst I’m away on holiday). Since one of the reasons for going for this laptop was to be take it on holiday so I could transfer photos/videos from my digital camera/camcorder then free up space on the SD card for more photos/videos, I decided enough was enough.

    I’ve therefore cancelled the order. I’d sooner pay an extra £60 for the Asus EeePC, at least I can pick it up straightaway from a retail outlet or within a couple of days if I buy off the internet. Shame to miss out on this but I really can’t be doing with so much messing about. Best of luck to those with more patience than me.

  • Mike

    good grief – its Tues 2nd September and an email saying my onet+ has been shipped…..
    now lets see if when it finally arrives is as useful as promised..

  • Levi

    good for you.I called the up a few days ago,I ve been told it wont come earlier than the end of the 3rd week of September,I am really pissed. Shame on them.he only reason I did.t cancel it,because my wife wants green,and the one that maplin and the others sell don’t come in green.I hate this company more than any other.
    I wish all the worst for them.

  • Serge

    Got my one t+ today:
    It is better than expected and work right out of the box!
    Got on my network and off I am!
    Well done Elonex ( at last !)

  • Andrea

    i pre-ordered this laptop on 28th June, then paid in full on 9th June and upgraded to the ONET for free. i was expecting despatch within 28 days, however after 27 days i got an email to say it would be delayed until lat week in August! by the last week in August i had to email them to see where my laptop was, only to be told there was further delay until end of 1st week in Sept. it is now the end of that week and i’ve once again had to contact them and i’ve now been informed it will be another 7-10 days for despatch!!
    this is ridiculous. i bought this laptop for my daughters birthday which was on 13th August!! i had to then go out and buy her something else until this arrives!!

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