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Chris Cardell

Religion is for the stupid, apparently

Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Ulster, will argue that there is a strong correlation between high IQ and lack of religious belief, reports The Times Higher Education.

Lynn picks up on certain issues such as IQ development when moving out of childhood. Most children believe in God, but as a child ages their IQ will increase, as it does they will begin to question the religion that has been preached to them.

Lynn stated,

“Why should fewer academics believe in God than the general population? I believe it is simply a matter of the IQ. Academics have higher IQs than the general population.”
Could this instead be fear of ridicule, are academics pretending not to believe in order to stay respected among the people they work with?

IQ is a controversial measure in its self; those with higher IQs may be naturally prone to questioning, whereas those with a lower IQ are not so interested in questioning.

When it comes to religion there is never a solid conclusion and the argument always seems to come back to the existence of God. It would probably be better if you made your own mind up on this controversial subject.

If you are struggling for an answer, “God works in mysterious ways” seems to do the trick. All right, we aren’t the most religious, but live and let live.

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