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Chris Cardell

Want a pay rise? No… Facebook

A survey of 1,000 office staff has found that nearly a third of younger employees would consider quitting their job if Facebook was banned in the workplace, reports Vulnet. The study by Telindus showed that 39 percent of 18 to 24 year olds would be prone to leaving their job if Facebook was to be banned.

Is this a bad thing? Possibly. Is it unexpected? Definitely not.

The time-wasting opportunities offered by Facebook and its application developers are endless. The time that can be consumed using such an addictive tool can feel shorter than the amount of time you have actually spent. Like naughty school children, employees wait until their superioirs are out of sight to check if they have been ‘poked’. A slippery slope that employers are undoubtedly trying to avoid, while keeping the balance. An issue that has been raised is the extra bandwidth and resources consumed by social surfing, constantly flicking through friends pictures can really slow down fellow employees work if internet speeds are limited.

Mark Hutchinson Managing director of Telindus stated,

“It is commercially unwise to have a bandwidth free-for-all, especially when you consider that downloading a single half-hour TV show consumes more bandwidth than receiving 200 emails a day for a year.”

In the end, a new generation is moving into employment, employers will either have to learn how to deal with the demands that this generation now ‘requires’.

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  • Ooyes

    That’s rather ridiculous.

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