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Chris Cardell

Youtube punishment fits Youtube prank

According to Florida Today, Jessica Ceponis an employee of Taco Bell was working at the drive through when she was met by a car full to the brim of bored YouTube fame hungry teenagers/youths. She passed their order, not realising what was next. “Fire in the hole!”, was exclaimed by those in the car, the 32-ounce cup of blue soda and ice was thrown in the hope of directly hitting Ceponis, the drink hit the left side of her jaw. The car then sped off.

The entire event was recorded by the teens and was then posted on YouTube, mainly similar videos were also under their account. Ceponis was told by customers that the video had been posted on YouTube, she hunted down the video and visited their MySpace page linking from their YouTube profile. She kept her identity secret while confirming that it was them who carried out the attack. she then used a phone book to contact the parents.

It seems that the punishment will indeed fit the crime, the boys will be posting a full apology on YouTube, this was ordered by the judge as well as a $30 fine and 100 hours community service. We expect nothing but a heart felt apology, who knows, they might even muster up a few crocodile tears.

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