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Chris Cardell

18 hours, the calm before the iStorm

18 hours until Steve Jobs steps up at WWDC 2008 (beginning 9th June 1:00PM eastern time) to announce the 2nd generation iPhone. Sadly we won’t be there, maybe another year.

Its the calm before the storm of iPhone mania, everyone is now getting a good nights sleep before following the conference in real time thanks to a host of live bloggers.

One thing that’s important to remember, it’s the ‘Worldwide Developers Conference’, which means that the focus is on software. Sure they like to chuck in a piece or two of hardware, it would be a shocker if there was no mention of the iPhone!

It hardly seems two minutes since we watched WWDC 2007 when Steve Jobs announced all Macs would be going Intel, obviously this meant a massive rewrite of their operating system. Apple also showed off new iChat features allowing ‘blue screen’ effects, time machine, Safari for Windows, more EA games and developer tools for the iPhone. Overall it wasn’t the most thrilling Apple conference, but it had its moments.

This year who knows what Apple will throw at us, so far there have been a few disappointing iPhone pictures, none of which seem genuine, or at least we hope they aren’t genuine. We can look forward to OS X 10.6, new iPhone firmware and a new service to be located at, which is possibly an add-on or replacement for their .mac service.

Back Soon, Apple StoreWe look forward to the famous ‘We’ll be back soon’ post-it note at the Apple store. As soon as everything settles and all the news is out in the open we will do a round-up of WWDC 2008.

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