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Chris Cardell

UK computing students are disappearing

Shortage in skilled IT studentsA study on the IT labour market in the UK (download study in PDF format), commissioned by the ‘Council of Professors and Heads of Computing’ shows that UCAS Computing applications have fallen by 48.2% since 2001. Even at A-level the number of students has fallen by 48.6% between 2001-2007.

This is possibly benefiting the students who are taking computing, they will be in a less competitive environment and will be able to earn higher salaries due to a shortage of people with the skills necessary in IT. However, it is believed if this downfall continues then there won’t be enough skilled professionals to support the growing need in the economy.

One proposed solution to curing the skill gap is ‘offshoring’, whereby jobs are given to skilled professionals abroad, this is a short term solution and could not be a wise decision in the long term.

Government investment between 1996 and 2001 almost doubled to meet industry needs, but since then funding has decreased by almost £100 million a year.

If the government doesn’t take note and increase spending the issue could leave employers in the industry struggling to find skilled employees.

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