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Chris Cardell

1 in 20 products sent back are fine

A study by Accenture has shown that only 1 in every 20 of returned products are actually broken. Accenture executive Terry Steger stated,

“I don’t believe the returns issue is the result of lax retail return policies, or customers taking advantage of the ability to return.”

He believes the issue is more often with the product itself. He is obviously taking a “the customer is always right” approach. However by even pointing out that it may be customers taking advantage of their ability to return he is implying that it happens.

In any case, Accenture believes the cost of consumer electronics returns in 2007 was $13.8 billion in the United States. However it sends a message, “do you really need that USB coffee mug heater?”

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  • fireuser

    $13.8 billion! still its just a part of the industry i guess, they must factor it in.

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