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Chris Cardell

Apple to target the self-involved

Although not confirmed, it is thought that Apple may have purchased ‘‘. A quick whois of gives no results other than a its parking with markmonitor which has been previously used by Apple. However a search of the SOA records yields the output shown below.

Apple Me.comHighlighted is the DNS administrator which appears to be This is a fairly good indication that the domain has been purchased by Apple. We can only speculate what will be used for, however there is talk of it being a rebranding or add-on to the .mac service offered by Apple. iPhones and iPod Touchs aren’t Macs, Apple may be looking to create a similar service for their non mac devices and generally open up to a wider audience with a more generic name. A domain such as will have been purchased by Apple for millions of dollars, if not tens of millions of dollars. Either way, Apple won’t have taken the decision likely and they will have a clear vision for the domains end result. was the previous home of, they changed their domain name last last year. Apple may announce when they announce the next generation iPhone in the next few days. Who knows, Apple may have planted the small link knowing that it would build anticipation, but this is doubtful as Apple fans generally build their own anticipation.

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