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Chris Cardell

Kids set for ‘Matrix’ future?… No

Every once in a while we come across news that simply isn’t news (a bit like what you are currently reading). Please visit the “Kids set for ‘Matrix’ future” article at Yahoo News. Chris Parry, the new chief executive of the Independent Schools Council said,

“Children will learn by downloading information directly into their brains within 30 years”

From previous experience, we have found that as soon as ‘experts’ begin referring to the Matrix don’t actually know what they are talking about. The brain continues to be an enigma; it is still something that scientists know very little about. This bold and hopeful claim from the chief executive of the Independent Schools Council is clearly one of little research and understanding.

There is also the reference to wireless technology, something completed unrelated,

“It’s a very short route from wireless technology to actually getting the electrical connections in your brain to absorb that knowledge.”

Clearly another problem is the ethical dilemmas not to mention the safety issues and possible long term health issues.

We are probably looking far too critically into something that was probably a spur of the moment thought of Chris Parry. However, if in 30 years we are downloading information directly into our brain then we’ll eat our hats. The people behind ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ may want to rethink their underlying model.

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