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Chris Cardell

3G iPhone… Great?

Well, its pretty much official. The 2nd Generation iPhone will be launching June 9th 2008 at WWDC. You may have been bombarded with announcements that the updated iPhone will feature 3G, many people have been getting extremely excited by this prospect, is this over-hype? 3G has been expected of phones for months, does this mean the iPhone is behind the times? Well, it is most probably the combination of the iPhone’s innovative interface with a speedier mobile internet that is getting people excited, but the fact that Apple can get people this excited by introducing old technology into its products is a credit to Apple’s marketing team.

3G iPhoneSo what else can we expect? There has been talk of GPS, a front camera for video conferencing and a faster processor. None of this has been substantiated yet but the likelihood of GPS and some form of video conferencing is quite likely in our opinion and if the insides aren’t improved (i.e. processor and graphics) then we’d be surprised.

We always look forward to Apple key note conferences, we hope this one doesn’t disappoint.

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  • iphone

    Still looking forward to it anyway!

  • Ananthan Sivalinggam

    We’ll just have to wait and see … the 1st one was really nicely made .. just hoping this one will not only have 3G but upgrade on other features too.

  • DoesWhat

    Yes, its sure to be a well built machine. There is new talk of it being slimmer and available in 3 different colours, but these and others are just rumours that are usually created by Apple fans before new Apple product launches.

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