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Chris Cardell

Have we been to k’eee’n?

We’ve received the Eee PC 900, but haven’t yet un-boxed it. However with all the fuss over the new ‘Atom’ 901 Eee was it a mistake to purchase the Eee 900? Well, I can tell you that we are looking forward to using and eventually reviewing the Eee 900.

Before DoesWhat launched, we got our hands on an Asus 701 immediately after its release and loved it, its main downfall is the low resolution, but with the 900’s increased resolution it should be the ultimate in affordable portability.

MSI WindThe atom based Eee PC 901 will be launching June 3rd 2008, we look forward to its arrival and will be closely watching the media’s perception. At the same time MSI will be launching the ‘MSI Wind’ (shown left) to rival the Eee PC with similar specification and price.

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  • linux guru

    i don’t think so, although the atom is coming out soon i think the 900 model is a complete product, the atom will be like the original 701 incomplete in a lot of areas.

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